Member companies offered the opportunity to utilize the research and survey building expertise of the WLC Research Director, Dr. Liz Boyd, to address issues relevant to women’s leadership within their organization. Based either on the results of the WLC’s custom assessment or on other issues identified by the organization’s key stakeholders, the WLC partners with organizations to conduct high-quality, rigorous and relevant research focused on women’s leadership.

In collaboration with the Gender and Women Studies program at Kennesaw State University, the WLC also maintains a group of Affiliated Faculty who meet regularly and collaborate to produce research focused on contributing knowledge to the field of gender and leadership.

Research Spotlight

As part of our efforts to disseminate and encourage research on women's leadership, we are proud to announce the first annual list of the best research performed within the past year, compiled by the Women's Leadership Center and available to our members. The list summarizes some of the best (most rigorous, interesting, and highly applicable) research performed by scholars around the world on the topic of women's leadership in 2015. The list can be downloaded in pdf format by clicking here.