About WLC

About the Women's Leadership Center

By engaging students, professionals, and businesses in the Atlanta metropolitan area, the Women’s Leadership Center advances the standing of women in positions of leadership now and secures more opportunities for the future.

The WLC is distinctive not only in the Atlanta area, but in the Southeast as a whole. While other universities may have women’s or gender studies programs or other programs focused on studying women’s issues, no other college or university in the Southeast is focused on specifically improving and promoting women’s leadership.

As the sole advocate in the area for this important subject, we work hard to promote our ideals in all ways possible. We do this through community engagement, such as the Professional Women’s Alliance; executive education programs, including as Women Returning to Business; and research focused on helping companies move the needle regarding women in leadership.

In addition to the programs we sponsor each year, we also reach out to companies and tailor programs specific to their needs. If you would like to speak with us regarding research projects or speaking events, please contact us.

The WLC Mission

The Coles College of Business Women’s Leadership Center is dedicated to helping female students and professionals reach their leadership potential through innovative research, actionable programs that educate a wide audience of men and women, and networking where women learn to be rainmakers for themselves and others.

The center’s main objective is to help women find the key to unlocking the doors to higher levels of achievement in their careers in corporate America, higher education, not-for-profit organizations, or as entrepreneurs.