Apply to the Scholars Program

The Coles College Scholars Program is looking for the next cohort of scholars. Applications for Cohort Ten will be available on December 1, 2022 Click here to learn more.

About the Program

The Coles College Scholars Program is a leadership development program designed to give high-achieving, highly motivated business students unique opportunities that challenge them, expand their capabilities, and improve their professional networks. If you are a high-performing business student looking to maximize your college experience, then this program may be for you.

Our Mission

The mission of the Coles College of Business Scholars Program is to give our exceptional business students unique and challenging opportunities. These students are selected through a rigorous application and interview process that brings their skills and talents to the surface. The coordinated two-year program focuses on leadership development, integrated experiences, community engagement, and mentorship.

We expect Scholars to uphold the core values of Accountability, Integrity, Stewardship, and Excellence as tenets for the Scholars program. Coles College Scholars strive for academic excellence and thrive off interaction with peers, Coles College faculty, and community leaders.

Program Structure

While there are many features of the Scholars Program, the progression is driven by 6 main components during two academic years: the Kickoff Retreat and Five Specialized Courses.

The Kickoff Retreat happens just before the start of the fall semester as students enter the program. It is an opportunity to bond with the new cohort, network with business leaders, learn, and have some fun.

The Five Specialized Courses, which comprise the Coles College Scholars Minor, take place in a lockstep Fall – Spring – Maymester – Fall – Spring structure. These courses are only available to members of the Scholars Program and the cohort proceeds together through them sequentially. 

Our Five Courses

  • Students learn to leverage their individual strengths and the strengths of others through case-based scenarios, simulations, role plays, and assessments completed through hands-on leadership labs. Through interaction with business leaders, students will develop and apply insights to their personalized leadership plan. 

  • Using many small and large problem solving opportunities, students gain fundamental critical thinking skills and apply decision making methodologies and tools. There will be an emphasis on a wide variety of problems, including those that deal with uncertainty and equivocality, as well as factors that are measurable or hard to quantify.

  • In this course, students enrolled in the Coles College Scholars Program will participate in an immersion experience designed to immerse students in a business or technology environment focused on student learning. Students will utilize leadership and teaming skills learned in CSCH 4010 and problem-solving and decision-making techniques practiced in CSCH 4020 to work together as a team to solve problems. Through this active participation in the immersion experience, scholars will gain an understanding of the multi-dimensional challenges and opportunities faced by businesses.

  • This course will introduce students to both the processes (contracting, data gathering, and delivery) and the human interactions that underlie effective consulting engagements and change management efforts. The course will draw on a variety of resources, including guest speakers in the classroom and applied experiences at local firms. During these applied experiences, teams of students will engage and work with clients on current challenges.

  • This course will walk students through the process of defining problems in business, developing hypotheses, determining appropriate data to test, collecting that data, and analyzing the information. There will be a focus on dealing with large data sources, planning business strategies for collecting data over time, and effectively sharing results.

Program Features and Engagement Opportunities

  • Specialized and Unique Coursework

  • Extensive Networking Opportunities with community and business leaders

  • Real Consulting Projects across the Scholars courses

  • Company Site Visits and guest speakers

  • Deep relationships with cohort members

  • Membership with the prior cohorts as graduates of the Scholars Program

  • Coles College Scholars Minor on your transcript 

Program Requirements

  • Cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher overall and in Coles College lower division GPA requirement
  • Admittance into the Coles College Professional Program
  • Available for a 2-year commitment to complete the program
  • Maintaining an overall GPA of 3.5 or higher throughout the program
  • Adherence to the requirements and expectations in the Coles College Scholars Handbook