There is a limit on the number of times a student can enroll in a business course at KSU. This policy applies to all students, regardless of when they started at KSU.

After taking or attempting an undergraduate business course for the second time, students will not be allowed to re-enroll in that course without special permission from the Coles College. This enrollment limitation is in place regardless of previous grades, including grades of W or WF.

This means that you will need special permission from Coles  to register for a business course if:

  • You have taken the course twice and earned grades of A, B, C, D, F, W, WF, S, U, or I.
  • You have taken the course once and are currently enrolled in the course.

Coles is not obligated to allow students to enroll in a business course again after their second attempt. We will review your academic record to determine if you will be given special permission to re-enroll.

Procedure for Requesting Special Permission to Re-Enroll in Business Courses

Students must submit their requests for special permission to re-enroll in business courses a third (or subsequent) time online. The Department Chairs in Coles will not handle re-enrollment requests. A special Coles online request site has been set up for these requests. The site is separate from the Coles Prerequisite Override Request Site.

Requests for special permission to re-enroll may be submitted any time the special online request site is open. However, decisions will not be made on these requests until at least two weeks after the start of the first registration period for the semester. This will allow students who are not repeating courses to register first.

If you have questions, please meet with a Coles Professional Advisor in the Business Undergraduate Advising Center (BB 431).