Continuity Plan for COVID-19

Help for Adjusting to Online Classes


We understand that there is a lot of information coming your way regarding the suspension of classes and change to online classes for COVID-19. As information and resources become available, we will do our best to communicate with you and make sure you can get what you need to continue your coursework successfully.

Here is what we know now:

  1. All student services will continue to be available to you remotely/online. Undergraduate Programs staff will be available online/via email beginning Monday, March 16th.
  2. Classes are delayed and will resume in an online format on Wednesday, March 18th.  The 2-day delay will allow students and faculty to transition to a virtual environment and get settled.
  3. KSU is doing things differently than other USG institutions due to dates of our Spring Break; a 3-week closure would interfere with financial aid, graduation, and your receiving full course credit.
  4. Registration will open on Monday, March 16th as planned.
  5. Spring Break will still occur as planned March 30th through April 3rd.

Click here for a pdf of the continuity plan for Undergraduate Programs services, including Academic Advising, Flight Academy/BUSA, and the Tutoring Center. Additionally, instructions for Academic Advising during the critical registration period are attached for your reference. BUSA students will receive further correspondence from their coaches soon.

If you have general questions, please email and we will do our best to be of assistance or direct you to the resources you need.

We continue in our commitment to support your success.

Additional Information can be found online:

Please use the information below (organized by program, service, or resource) to guide you at this time.

    • Coaches will hold the mandatory meetings with students via Skype or phone.
    • Participate in online activity options in the Flight Academy to satisfy the requirements in BUSA 2150, 3150, and 4150. We will continue to add options, please check the platform regularly.
    • Existing deadlines will remain unchanged for all BUSA courses.
    • Check the course D2L site for any specific updates.
    • Check your KSU email for updates and instructions from your Career Coach with instructions.
    • Career Coaches will be checking email for BUSA related questions.
    • Push notifications will come through the Flight Academy with resources and information.
    • will be monitored for Flight Academy platform questions.
    • Tutors will have D2L sites to continue to support students.
    • You will be required to make an appointment for remote tutoring sessions in EAB.
    • Tutoring will not be available for IS 2200 and IS 3100.
    • Additional instructions, information, and resources will be made available on the Tutoring Center website at
    • Phone calls will not be answered at 470-578-3256. There will not be an option to leave voicemail as we cannot guarantee that this voicemail box will be remotely accessible.
    • Check your KSU email for information from your Academic Advisors, this may include updates from the College and/or University that you will need.
    • You can email your Academic Advisors; contact information can be found at under Faculty & Staff.
    • will be monitored to continue to support students. Non-Coles students should send their emails to this address.
    • Phone calls will not be answered at 470-578-6055. There will not be an option to leave voicemail as we cannot guarantee that this voicemail box will be remotely accessible.
    • Please check for updates and additional information.
    • Advisors are available for a limited number of virtual advising appointments. Please check EAB Navigate for availability.
    • Check your KSU email for emails from Undergraduate Programs. We will send updates periodically as new information is available.
    • Email for additional assistance.