Thanksgiving: Opportunity Around Your Table

KENNESAW, Ga. (Nov 18, 2016) — (This is the fifth time we’ve rebroadcast our Thanksgiving blog. This missive, in substantially the same form, was first released around Thanksgiving in 2012. Our hope is that the ideas in this blog will contribute, in some small way, to enriching this Thanksgiving holiday, for each of you.)

You know The Tenacity Center at KSU for the commercial side of account management, client retention and contract renewal. When we objectively state our true core competency, however, it is really this: “We guide and assist our clients in retaining and enhancing highly valued relationships.” Our processes and principles can readily apply to more than just the business world … and that brings us to Thanksgiving.

You may recall from our post dated November 19, 2012, and from subsequent communications, the second pillar of the Clients for Life® Client Retention Process is “Nurturing Professional Relationships” and the key tool is a map of relationship accountability, utilizing a “Web of Influence®”. The “Web of Influence” keeps us connected with at multiple levels with key client contacts that impact our overall relationship and our contract. As with many other tools we teach, this process can be highly useful on the personal / family side of the ledger, as well.

Here’s the application. People that we care about -- those with whom we seek to build, enhance and sustain close and loving relationships (spouses, children, grandchildren, extended family, etc.) – all of them have other important relationships in their own lives too.  Probably their parents and siblings, perhaps lifelong best friends and an array of others. (Yes, some may even have ‘in-law’ in their title.)  But even though these relationships may be ‘once removed’ from our primary first level connections, they are important for us to recognize, value and work hard to intentionally cultivate and to build rapport and trust within them. One simple, yet powerful reason why, is that the act of doing so contributes directly to the deepening and intimacy of our own primary relationships. “And in the end, the love you get is equal to the love you give.” (Paul McCartney, 1969, later reinterpreted by John Lennon in “The End” – Abbey Road.)  (Actually, many, including me, believe that through grace, we receive infinitely more than we could ever deserve.)

So here’s the idea. Realize that we have a “Web of Influence” to build, nurture and appreciate for every single person we care about. If those relationships are important to them – they need to become important to us. We give of ourselves when we train our focus outward and seek to understand the real inner-workings of those we love - and - those that they love.

The Thanksgiving table presents us a great opportunity to deepen, nurture and protect relationships that are precious to us and to give thanks for them. We hope that your table is bountiful and filled with gratitude, grace, joy and yes – relationship opportunities for you to nurture. Carpe Diem!

(By the way, both George Washington (1789) and Abraham Lincoln (1863) issued Thanksgiving Proclamations. They both make powerful reading, particularly given the incredible strife each man led our young nation through. We’ll be reading it aloud at our table tomorrow. Again this year we commend Washington’s to you:

Happy Thanksgiving from all the Principals and Associates at Tenacity and from our colleagues at The Tenacity Center for Account Management and Client Retention at KSU. We’re grateful for each of you and for the valued relationships you’ve allowed us to have. And, we’re grateful for so much more. 

Steve, John & Gary

The Tenacity Center for Account Management and Client Retention