The Tenacity Center for Account Management and Client Retention is dedicated to thought leadership in the management of the relationship between an organization and their clients. The Tenacity Center applies the principles of the Clients for Life® Client Retention Process within these organizations, enabling them to optimize client satisfaction, increase profitability, and enhance retention.

The areas of account management and client retention are well accepted by the business community as strategically significant, but up to now, the availability of traditional executive education products and services in this area, as well as supporting research and development, has been extremely limited.

Introduction to the Account Management Digital Badge.

Tenacity Inc. - Keeping Your Clients for Life

The primary focus of the Center is on providing traditional as well as online educational offerings in account management and client retention for the business community. The centerpiece of these programs will be the Account Management Academy. This interactive educational web platform will provide access for account managers to proven account management and client retention principles and skills via an online educational platform culminating in the earning of a digital badge in account management.

Additionally, The Tenacity Center works with organizations to develop customized educational and consultative offerings focused on developing capacity within their organizations to implement the Clients for Life process.  Finally, the Center facilitates KSU faculty involvement in academic research in account management and client retention.

The Tenacity Center complements the existing Coles College Center for Professional Selling (CPS) by enabling CPS to expand its current programs into the complementary area of account management and client retention, thus strengthening the already dominant position of CPS among peer business schools.

Firms who invest in their people by engaging them in The Tenacity Center programs and other activities will be positioned to significantly elevate the organization’s skills in account management, and experience higher rates of client retention and contract renewal.