TCAL Programs

Programs and Events through the Center for Accountable Leaders

Leaders who achieve great results with integrity and humility are life-long-learners. They learn through study, observation, and experience. Their experiences are acquired through trial and error, through strategic and operational mentoring, and through observing the examples of others. For others to draw insight from these experiences, leaders learn to share their experiences. Our programs and events are built around the sharing of leadership lessons.

The life stories in our archives may be used by any student or faculty member for course work. Some faculty members have incorporated the videos into their curricula, especially in courses on leadership and in business classes. Connect with us for more educational ideas from our faculty and fellows. 

Undergraduate Programs

“What I Know for Sure: Their Stories, Our Words”
This student centric program integrates TCAL’s life-memoirs into a learning experience with the Leadership Studies Department of University College at Kennesaw State University. Students select a topic, conduct research, study the TCAL archives, and reflect on lessons learned. Students then share their discoveries during a town hall event.

The Accountable Leaders Experience

We match our industry partners with select students who are pursuing careers that require leadership development. Students have a chance to meet and shadow leaders at multiple levels, learn the context of the respective businesses, and experience senior leader decision making processes.

Event: Student Leader Town Hall
Using the learning example perfected by the medical profession—see one, do one, teach one—students involved with the Accountable Leaders Experience and “What I Know for Sure” take on the role of teacher for a general audience in a town hall held at the end of the spring and fall semesters.

Leader Development Workshops and Symposium

TCAL partners with leading institutions, organizations, corporations, researchers, and practitioners in hosting an annual leader development symposium with workshops designed to share best practices across industries and fields. The symposium is held in the summer for invited attendees.