SMIF Resources

Research Tools

SMIF analysts utilize a combination of public sites and professional investment services provided by KSU.

Public Sites

KSU Provided - Professional Services

  • Morningstar Investment Research Center
  • Mergent Online
  • Hoovers Company Capsules and Profiles
  • Emerald Management Research
  • D&B Key Business Ratios
  • Value Line Investment Analyzer - Library: Station 45
  • Compustat - Library: Stations 1-73
  • Bloomberg Professional Service - SMIF Research Center: Presenting Station

All analysts are strongly encouraged to not only to be familiar with, but become certified with the Bloomberg service. In addition to allowing the analyst to more quickly generate their reports, it provides them with a marketable skill.

Suggested Reading

intelligent investor

In addition to staying current on the driving forces in the world economy, SMIF analysts are directed to study beyond the text books and develop their thinking on investing and stock selection methodology.