Board & Advisors

Board of Directors 

  • Govind Hariharan Chairman of the Board & Professor at Coles College of Business 


    • Former Executive Director of the India China America Institute
    • Former Chair, Department of Economics, Finance and Quant. Analysis
    • D. State University of New York at Buffalo


  • Tom MillerFull Professor at Coles 


    • DBA - Indiana University


  • Roger Tutterow Director, the Econometrics Center 


    • Chief Economic Adviser for the Henssler Financial Group
    • Professor, Mercer University
    • Served on Several Board of Directors


  • David Bray Associate Professor at Coles 


    • PhD - The Florida State University
    • MBA - The Florida State University
    • BS - The Florida State University


Industry Advisors by Industry Group:

Adjunct Professor Economics and Finance: Thomas Garr; Kennesaw State University

Healthcare: Mr. Jim Budzinski; CFO, Wellstar Health Systems

Information Technology: Mr. Anurag Rana; Sector Head and Senior Analyst for IT, Bloomberg

Consumer Staples: Mr. Scott Bomar; VP and Treasurer, Home Depot

Industrials: Mr. John Eichorn; M&A Manager, UPS

Consumer Discretionary: Mr. Walter Stackow, CFA; Senior Vice President & Research Analyst, Oak Ridge Investments

Financials: Mr. Troy Harmon, CFA & CVA; CIO, Henssler Financial

Energy: Mrs. Xia Liu; CFO, Gulf Power

Modeling and Economics Research: Mr. Brian Robertson; Quantitative Research Specialist, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta