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Sales Education & Sales Training

Selling matters, and it represents a significant investment on the part of most businesses. Ineffective hires have been estimated to cost companies up to $150,000 each. In addition to educating the next generation of sales leaders, we provide training and consulting to strengthen your current sales force, your next hire, and your sales management; helping you and your people prosper. Look to the Center for Professional Selling for:

  • A methodology grounded in research and focused on results
  • Facilities designed to enhance learning and practice
  • Video learning resources

Training in the Fundamentals

A new hire with training in professional sales has a firm foundation of cutting - edge sales methodologies, understands the challenges they face in a sales career, has practical sales experience, and has demonstrated business acumen. Our training covers fundamentals such as:

  • Communication
  • Working with customers
  • Gaining commitment

Training for a Better Game Plan

Sales managers and professionals alike benefit from a strategic approach to their efforts:

  • Time and territory management
  • The successful sales path
  • Long-term strategies

Consulting on Advanced Challenges

Your most pressing sales management questions, including designing the most effective sales force and evaluating your organization, have solutions that our faculty can help you develop through a focused consultation. Our faculty members have more than 20 years of combined consulting experience and have conducted more than 40 sales and sales management research projects that have been published in top journals. They have the expertise and the perspective to help you move your organization forward.

For additional information regarding consulting and training services, please contact Dr. Terry Loe at 470-578-2017 or tloe@kennesaw.edu.


  • Michael P. Marino

    Our Partners

    “At ADP, we pride ourselves on being a leader in the world of sales career opportunities and our partnership with KSU and the Center for Professional Selling has made it very easy for us to find the candidates that we need that will be our next generation of sales stars. These students exit the program with a sales foundation that is far greater than what most students have when they graduate, which sets them up for faster success in a very challenging, but very lucrative profession.”  

    -Michael P. Marino,  Vice President of Sales 
    ADP Small Business Services-Atlanta Region