CPS Methodology

Business-to-Business Consultative Selling

The KSU Center for Professional Selling educates students in consultative, relationship - based sales methodology. We focus on professional and ethical business-to-business sales practice, though the principles taught apply equally to business to consumer.

We use the latest research-supported sales methodology. The principles enforced during course work and related sales projects are employed by many of the top ranked sales organizations and corporations in the world.

Insight from Experience

Sales executives, sales managers, and sales professionals from some of the top sales organizations worldwide, including our corporate partners, visit sales classes to share their insight, experiences, and current sales and sales management methods.

Experiential Learning

All KSU sales program students engage in experimental and live sales calls and activities built into the sales degree curriculum.

Sales Role Play

In professional training courses and in the undergraduate curriculum, sales students apply proven theory and methodology through formal and informal sales exercises. Other students can observe a live broadcast of role-playing exercises and provide immediate feedback and discussion. Both faculty and the student can review recorded exercises for further learning.

Live Sales Calls

As part of the process to complete a degree in professional sales, undergraduate students put their learning into practice. Students prospect, develop sales letters, set appointments, make actual sales calls, and engage in follow-up activities—the complete process of a live sales call. This gives them an opportunity to preview the day-to-day reality of a sales career and they start their first job prepared and ready.

  • Half Go Into Sales

    Half of all business graduates go into a career in sales