Coles Research Highlights

Coles Research Highlights

This webpage is designed to share research accomplishments by Coles College faculty during the academic year. This includes Coles College of Business annual research publication -- “Coles Research Magazine”.

                                               Academic Year 2020-21

Coles Research Magazine

This magazine includes brief summaries of the outstanding research projects (both published and ongoing) by Coles College of Business research faculty. It also includes work they are involved with in their capacity as PhD student dissertation committee chairs and members.

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Listed below are recipients of research awards instituted by Coles College such as Distinguished Scholarship Award, Distinguished Journal Publication Award, Best Working Paper Award, Community Engagement Award, to name a few.

Distinguished Scholarship Award

Financial Times Top 50 Journal Publication Awards

  • Dana R. Hermanson for his paper “Auditor Sensitivity to Real Earnings Management: The Importance of Ambiguity and Earnings Context” published in Contemporary Accounting Research.
  • Divesh Sharma for his paper “Greater Reliance on Major Customers and Auditor Going-Concern Opinions” published in Contemporary Accounting Research.
  • Minjiao Zhang for her paper “Multiechelon Lot Sizing: New Complexities and Inequalities” published in Operations Research.
  • Zhaoguo Zhan for his paper “Robust Inference for Consumption-Based Asset Pricing” published in Journal of Finance.

Distinguished Journal Publication Award

  • Sunay Mutlu for his paper “Corporate Social Responsibility Report Narratives and Analyst Forecast Accuracy” published in Journal of Business Ethics.

Community Engagement Award

  • Xuepeng Liu for his work on “Research & Services Related to the US-China Trade War”.

Summer Research Fellowship

  • Graham Lowman for his project “Mapping Neural Networks of Ideal and Actual Leaders: A Visual Representation of Implicit Leadership Theories”.

Coles Working Paper Awards

  • Divesh S. Sharma, Vineeta D. Sharma, and Lucy F. Ackert for their paper “Corporate Philanthropy: Do Board Gender Diversity and CEO Gender Matter?”, FALL19-01, November 2019.
  • Duanping Hong for his paper “Foreign Operations and Audit Quality of U.S. Multinational Corporations: Evidence from the Access of PCAOB International Inspections”, SPRING20-03, March 2020.
  • Jomon A. Paul and Huan Ni for their paper “How Private Nonprofit Hospitals Differ from Private For-Profit Hospitals in Average Inpatient Length of Stay”, FALL19-04, November 2019.
  • Rajaram Veliyath for his paper “Performance Implications of Diversification Strategies of Business Group and M-form Firms”, SPRING20-01, March 2020.

Coles Working Paper Series Best Reviewer Award

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