Faculty Blogs

Coles College Faculty Blogs are designed to share the wonderful work our faculty do in research, teaching and service related areas. Specifically, these feature the following:

  1. Groundbreaking research our faculty have recently completed or are part of on an ongoing basis. These include but are not limited to innovative solutions to complex real world problems; research that has significant policy implications; research with international impact; development of new methods and ideas; application of old ones in new ways, or one that adapts them to new problem areas.
  2. Innovative teaching ideas that our faculty are working on or have employed in their classroom that has resulted in significant improvements in student learning outcomes; new state-of-the-art courses developed to cater to needs of the job market; courses designed to bridge gaps between student skills and employer expectations.
  3. Notable service related accomplishments - These include but are not limited to providing the benefits of their expertise to community organizations; consulting with governmental agencies, business industries, educational systems; local community or contributions at the regional, state, national or international levels.

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