Information Systems PhD

AACSBThe PhD Program in Business Administration seeks to educate and train individuals to become outstanding scholars who excel in research, teaching and leadership positions at other academic institutions. The program is developed to provide significant flexibility, while providing the necessary skills to peruse research for publishing in highly rated peer reviewed journals. The research in Information Systems lies at the intersection of business and technology. The department has highly active publishing faculty in the areas of IS training, healthcare, security, data analytics among other areas.

Advantages of the PhD Program in Business Administration considers a KSU PhD

  • Academic professionals, such as lecturers and adjuncts, who wish to establish a stronger academic presence and pursue a tenure-track position.
  • Working professionals who wish to establish an academic presence, pursuing either faculty or administrative positions

2017 Diversity ChampionsProgram Faculty

Past Global Scholars

Program Recognition

Established in 2008 with over 100 alumni and current students
Recognized by AACSB International in their inaugural Innovations That Inspire initiative for Global Ingenuity, Innovation, and Creativity

Past Students and Their Topics

  • Carole Hollingsworth - An Examination of Fit and The Use of Mobile Devices for Performing Tasks - at Kennesaw State University

  • Lorraine Lamb - A Study on Information Technology Consumerization: Intentions to Use and Recognizing Use Behaviors - DXC Technology

  • Robecca Quammen - Intuition and Its Impact on Information Systems Success - at Quammen Heath Care Consultants

  • Randy Colvin - Management and Organizational Influences on Compliance Behavior of Employees To Reduce Non-Malicious IT Misuse Intentions - at Texas A&M University - Kingsville

  • Charles Flack - IS Success Model for Evaluating Cloud Computing for Small Business Benefit: A Quantitative Study - at IBM

  • JD Rusk - Exploring Trust and Distrust: An Operationalization and Empirical Test -
    at University of North Georgia

  • James Smith - The Challenges of Implementing Enterprise Resource Planning Systems Within Family Influenced Firms - at Augusta University

  • Angela Jackson-Summers - An Exploratory Study of Organizational Security Risk Management for Improved Effectiveness - at US Coast Guard Academy

  • Dennis Brown - Information Security Policy Quality & Enforcement: Is Compliance a Solution to Fraud? - as Forsyth County Commissioner

  • Ash Mady - The Informed Human Firewall: The Impact of Knowledge Dimensions on
    Employees Secure Behavior

Current Students

  • Bethany Niese - Making Good Decisions: Big Data Analytics’ s Impact on Decision Quality

  • Jason Williams - Theory of Use

  • Henry Torres - IS Security Training: The Misunderstood Link