Curriculum Year by Year

Rigorous PhD Curriculum

The PhD Program at Coles College of Business is designed to be completed in 3 years and consists of 48 academic credit hours. Students may choose from general areas of business, such as Accounting, Information Systems, Marketing, and Management.

Curriculum and Residency Structure

  • (18 Credit Hours)
    Foundation and Methods courses are interdisciplinary

    • Introduction to Research
    • Foundations of Business Research
    • Business Research Design &Analysis

    Discipline specific courses

    • Seminars in Accounting Research
    • Seminars in Management Research
    • Seminars in Marketing Research
    • Seminars in Information Systems Research

    8–10 on-campus Residencies ranging from 3–4 days in length

  • (18 Credit Hours)
    Dissertation Preparation courses are interdisciplinary with discipline specific seminars

    • Research Methods & Dissertation Design I
    • Research Methods & Dissertation Design II

    Methods courses are interdisciplinary

    • Advanced Business Research Analysis
    • Qualitative Research Methods

    Career Transition Strategies course is interdisciplinary
    Directed Studies under faculty supervision
    8-10 on-campus Residencies ranging from 3-4 days in length

  • (12 Credit Hours)
    Dissertation Research with dissertation committee
    *Additional credit hours will be required if student exceeds three and a half year mark

For course descriptions, click Graduate Catalog and search 9000-level courses by discipline.