PhD in Business Administration Tuition and Aid

Overall Program Investment

The Program's total tuition* (including fees and the deposit) is $96,500. Tuition increases can occur for future cohorts.  Tuition includes:

  • Meals, drinks, and snacks during residency
  • Textbooks (including e-readers and digital formats)
  • Merit-based research funding (based on availability)

Additional Program Costs Include:

  • Additional tuition and fees occur if the Program is not completed in 48-credit hours
  • Personal technology needs
  • Travel and accommodations to Kennesaw for residencies
  • Paper and printing (class/research preparation)
  • Academic association memberships and conference travel
  • Research costs (data, travel, data gathering)
  • Other fees implemented by the State of Georgia Board of Regents

*a detailed tuition schedule is provided upon acceptance

Financial Assistance

Students in the PhD in Business Administration Program are generally self-funded through personal funds, employer funds, or student loans. The Program does not offer teaching or research assistantship positions. Financial aid options are available. For more information, please visit Kennesaw State University's financial aid website.