Ph.D. in Business Administration

The Doctor of Philosophy with a major in Business Administration (Ph.D.) Program at Kennesaw State University is an innovative program from an AACSB-accredited business school. Established in 2008, as a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA), this degree became a Ph.D. program in 2018. As one of the first non-traditional, research-focused doctoral programs in the country, we boast over 100 current students and alumni. Alumni of the Ph.D. in Business Administration hold tenured/tenure-track, clinical, and leadership positions at AACSB-accredited universities across the United States.  

Find Your Fit as a Doctor of Business Administration

Our detailed, four-step application process ensures that you find the right fit for your specific business goals. With focused concentrations in Accounting, Business Management, Information Systems and Marketing, each student receives a personalized Ph.D. program experience to excel as:   

  • Academic Professionals: Engage with in-depth, tailored research opportunities to establish a more robust academic presence as a lecturer, adjunct, or tenure-track faculty member. 
  • Experienced Business Professionals: Become a “champion” to advance in your business position, all while prioritizing an essential work-life balance. Work towards impactful consulting opportunities and company engagements. 

Enjoy the Diverse Ph.D. Program Experience at KSU

  • Over 50% of students enrolled are non-Georgia residents 
  • Average age of enrolled students is 47.1 
  • Join a select group of only 2,500 scholars in the United States