Chris Arrendale of Inbox Pros and Andy Green with Kennesaw State University

Andy Green
Andy Green

KENNESAW, Ga. (Sep 23, 2015)

Trend Line is your partner in Email Deliverability. To this effort, they assist in evaluating mailing infrastructure set up, authentication, sender reputation, bounce and complaints management, list quality and permissions, domestic and international compliance, message content and delivery tracking. They also provide ISP remediation and outreach, domain specific volume and policy guidelines, and industry updates. Services include:

  • Deliverability Audits – This deliverability audit suits any client of any provider and will include a comprehensive report on the state of the ESP.
  • 24/7 Monitoring & Alerting – Their monitoring alerts keep an eye on your email deliverability 24/7. These alerts monitor IP/domain blacklists, as well as IP/domain reputation.
  • Reporting & Analysis – They work with you to design custom reports for better overall email deliverability analysis.
  • Reputation Building – From IP warming plans to helping establish or rebuild your reputation, they are focused on achieving solid email deliverability.
  • IP & Domain Authentication – Making sure that you have the proper IP/domain authentication set up is a valuable piece to getting emails delivered.
  • Whitelisting Assistance – They look at your program and provide feedback on how to get white-listed with those ISPs and domains that accept white-listing.
  • Bounce Code Reasoning & Assistance – They analyze your bounces, determine the cause, and provide assistance on either suppression or getting those emails delivered.
  • Block Removal Assistance – ISP blocks can be difficult, but their consultants have expertise in working to get these blocks removed.

Andy Green: Kennesaw State University

Kennesaw State University is a comprehensive university recognized for its entrepreneurial spirit, global engagement and sense of community. As Georgia’s third-largest university and one of the fifty largest public universities in the country, Kennesaw State offers more than 100 undergraduate and graduate degrees, including an increasing number of doctoral programs. Kennesaw State is committed to becoming a world-class academic institution positioned to broaden its academic and research missions and expand its scope on a local, national and global level.

Kennesaw State University offers the only undergraduate degree in Information Security and Assurance in the state of Georgia.