Unusual Gift Given To Kennesaw State Grad


KENNESAW, Ga. (Mar 10, 2016) — There are graduation gifts, and there’s the bonus on bermuda that Tom Lindsey gave his son Joseph, who recently graduated magna cum laude with a degree in marketing from Kennesaw State University.

When Joseph arrived at their home in Powder Springs on Saturday, he found his father putting the finishing touches on a 24-foot-by-24-foot Kennesaw State logo that he was painting onto their front lawn.

“It’s pretty stinking perfect,” said Joseph, who is actually the artist in the family. “It looks awesome.”

Joseph said he had no idea that his father had planned the grassy gift.

“I was blown away,” he said.

Tom said he doesn’t know where the inspiration came from. But he is an airline pilot, so perhaps the sight of always looking down from the sky at things on the ground gave him the idea. Because he is used to doing calculations as part of his job, he figured out how to paint the logo by taking a 2 inch-by-2 inch car decal and multiplying the dimensions to reach the final scale. He said it took about four hours to paint and he used six cans of white, six of black and seven of gold. If he didn’t like the final product, he reasoned he could just cut the lawn.

“I’m just super proud of him,” Tom said. “I’m going to do this because I want to recognize him.”

Joseph shared it on Instagram (joslindsey) and the university’s athletics department shared it through their social media channels.

People who live in the neighborhood have come by to see, and more will come by for Joseph’s graduation party on Friday.

The Lindseys have yet to year from their neighborhood homeowner’s association, which recently awarded them yard of the month.

“I’m not sure if they still want me to have that,” Tom joked.