Kennesaw State University Melnik: The Fed will do anything in 2016

Mikhail Melnik

KENNESAW, Ga. (Feb 1, 2016) — FX168 hearing on Wednesday (February 3rd) Kennesaw State University associate professor of economics at the time of pick Mikhail Melnik foreign media telephone interview that the recession in the manufacturing sector, while the US services sector will continue to be the engine of economic development.

Melnik noted that the manufacturing sector will continue to be a strong dollar and falling commodity prices dragged expected new jobs in the private sector in the first quarter average of about 130,000; the employment situation will be the performance of "mediocre."

Melnik expects the next two quarters the economy into recession risk is not very high, in 2016 the average GDP growth expected at 1.2% -2%.

Melnik believes the Fed to raise interest rates at the current point in time is unreasonable, we will continue to roll over existing bonds held.

Melnik finally said it expects China's economic growth slowed further, continue to be a material factor in the financial market concerns.

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