Coles News: Jan 2023

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  • Kennesaw State research: COVID surges caused higher mortality among non-COVID patients

    Overall patient care suffered during the coronavirus pandemic when COVID-19 surges swamped U.S. hospitals, especially in patients 45 years and older, a study by a Kennesaw State University researcher shows.  –  January 20, 2023

  • BLOG: Technology the Cure for Workplace Absenteeism?

    With the most severe flu season in a decade in full swing, businesses are anxious about the health of their employees, both for the employees’ wellbeing and the company’s bottom line. Faculty and student researchers at Kennesaw State University recently partnered with health technology company radaRx to determine the effectiveness of new technology designed to help businesses monitor employee health and prevent infections.  –  January 18, 2023

  • My first semester: Camden Edwards finds a home at Kennesaw State

    The first semester of college is a time of transition and growth as students spread their wings and begin to navigate their academic careers, discover new interests and make lasting memories. In recognition of that significant step, we are highlighting students who have just completed their first semesters at Kennesaw State University. Camden Edwards, from Cumming, Ga., is already making a difference on campus as she pursues a degree in entrepreneurship  –  January 12, 2023