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  • Publishing Giant Steve Forbes Speaks to KSU Students

    Famed publishing executive and former presidential candidate Steve Forbes visited Kennesaw State University last week to speak with economics students about alternative tax policies.  –  March 18, 2019

  • Marketing Major Excelling as Coles Scholar, Honors Student

    Josh Wolfe learned to play guitar at age 10, then realized as a teenager that he could use his musical talent to earn money. So, at 16 years old, Wolfe gave guitar lessons in and around his hometown of Ball Ground, Ga. It sparked the entrepreneurial spirit and determination that continues today for Wolfe, 26, who now is a student in Kennesaw State’s Honors College and the Coles College of Business Scholars Program.  –  March 13, 2019

  • ISA Student Lands Cyber Job at Ideal Spot

    One conversation during his internship in Washington, D.C., last summer made Aaron Schwartz realize how respected Kennesaw State University is in the cybersecurity field. Schwartz was interning with Booz Allen Hamilton, a management and information technology consulting firm, and he was introduced to a member of the cyber assessment and authorization team. He recalls that, as soon as he said he is majoring in information security and assurance at Kennesaw State, the Booz Allen staffer turned to Schwartz’s internship leader and said, “You have to give this guy a job!”  –  March 01, 2019