Coles News: Apr 2019

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  • Student Entrepreneurs Dream Big at INC Pitch Competition

    From flushable wet wipes to a restaurant where patrons dine alongside live rabbits, the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of Kennesaw State University’s students was on full display at the Igniting New Companies Pitch Competition, where five teams of students competed to receive funding for their business ideas.  –  April 26, 2019

  • Coles Student Channels Personal Struggles into Inspirational Podcast

    As Christian “CJ” Brown reflects on his success as a student, entrepreneur, published author, and podcaster, he is acutely aware that his life could have gone a different way. Brown is a senior entrepreneurship major in the Michael J. Coles College of Business and the host of the Your Visionary Podcast. However, only five years ago, Brown was a college dropout with a criminal record and no place to live.  –  April 22, 2019

  • Billboard Once Again Ranks Joel A. Katz Music & Entertainment Business Program Among the Best

    For the second year in a row, Billboard Magazine has recognized the Joel A. Katz Music and Entertainment Business Program for making Kennesaw State University one of the top music business schools in the country.  –  April 08, 2019

  • Game Theory Helps Nobel Prize-Winning Economist Save Lives

    Individual choices can change entire markets, according to Nobel Prize-winning economist Dr. Alvin Roth, who spoke last week to a group of Kennesaw State University students. Using the concept of game theory, he explained how people make choices around things like where to work or where to send their children to school, and how those choices affect others’ lives in unforeseen ways.  –  April 02, 2019