MSIS Means Leadership

Step into a leadership role powered by IS analytics and business intelligence to bring business strategy to technology projects, and IT innovations to business challenges.

Develop wide spectrum capabilities to understand, analyze and manage organizational issues from end-user computing to strategic implications of technology projects and combine your experiential knowledge of customers, the marketplace, and revenue cycles with the skills of IS analytics to become a compelling business decision maker. 

Irrespective of whether your experience and education are in technology or business - a Master of Science in Information Systems (MSIS) from Coles College will give you the most sought after skills of today to help you move forward in your career and become a more valuable team member.

A Coles College MSIS offers convenience, affordability, and flexibility. You also find experienced and committed professors who teach and engage actively with you, ensuring your place at the forefront of business technology.

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    Successful Alumni

    “In addition to growing in my career towards technology leadership roles, I conducted and presented research at a national conference (SOBIE 2014), raising my professional profile.”

    Ruchi Bhade, MSIS ’14

    Graduate Certificates

    • The Business Intelligence (BI) Graduate Certificate Program will introduce students to a set of methodologies, processes and technologies that transform data into useful insights that inform business decisions..

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    • The graduate certificate program in information security and assurance is designed for both technology and non-technology graduate students.

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