GMAT Preparation

We highly recommend some format of test preparation before taking the GMAT. This page outlines some available options including books, videos, in person classes and an online class offered through KSU's College of Continuing Education.

Note that some applicants may qualify for a GMAT alternative allowing them to be considered for admission to the MBA programs without taking the test. To see the criteria for qualifying for an alternative, please click here. If you believe you qualify, you can request an alternative on the application in the GMAT section by checking the appropriate box.

GMAT Prep. Text Book

The Official Guide for GMAT Review, 2021 Edition - Amazon

Official GMAT Registration and Additional Preparation Resources

Official test registration as well as free practice tests can be found at the GMAT website:

Additional outside practice resources may be found here:

Extra Study Tools

KSU’s College of Continuing Education also features GMAT study course options, which may be found here.

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