1. What are my next steps after being accepted?

You will need to set up your student email and your Owl Express accounts as instructed in the email you received from Graduate Admissions, as well as satisfy any holds that you may have on your account. Additionally, if you are seeking to utilize financial aid or wish to set up a payment plan, you will need to contact The Office of Financial Aid or begin setting up your account to establish the Nelnet Payment Plan. You will also begin receiving an uptick in communication from KSU, as well as from Angelia Huggins with the Georgia WebMBA Administration as to items you will need to complete leading up to attendance at the mandatory, two-day orientation held in Atlanta. You will also need to ensure you are paying your $800 Orientation fee by the deadlines outlined by the WebMBA Administration and communicated to you through the KSUMBA Team. Upon payment of your deposit, you will gain access to a platform called MBA Math. It is here where you will gain access to preparatory foundation knowledge modules in the areas of financial accounting, finance, economics and statistics. It is expected that all of these modules be completed prior to attending orientation.

2. What is my KSU ID number?

The nine-digit number assigned to you when you applied to the program beginning with “000”.

3. What is my net ID?

The part of your email address that comes before “@”.

4. What is my initial password?

The full KSU ID number followed by the last four of your SSN with KSU at the end.

5. How do I access OwlExpress?

Go to Owl Express and log in with your net ID and password created when you activated your net ID.

6. What system will we use to meet for our classes?

The classes will be housed in a learning management system called Desire2Learn/Brightspace/GoView. The classes will not have set log-in, live times, as they are asynchronous.

7. How do I set up my email account?

Once your net ID is activated and you have created a password, go to https://www.kennesaw.edu/myksu/, scroll to the Student Email section of page, and click on Login. Enter your NetID@kennesaw.edu and password to proceed..

8. What courses do I need to register for?

Each semester your courses will be chosen for you and your cohort. We post what courses you will need to register for by cohort on KSUMBA.com under the WebMBA Tab – Course Schedule. It is important to pay attention to the specific course section you are to register for, as multiple cohorts may be enrolling in different sections of the same course.

9. How do I determine what type of hold is on my account?

Look in Owl Express under the Registration tab to see holds.

10. When is the New Student Orientation?

Orientation takes place over two days – Friday + Saturday in the Fall/Spring terms. The dates for each orientation will be communicated many months in advance to allow for adequate planning.

11. When is payment due?

Payment deadlines will be posted on the academic calendar for each term at https://registrar.kennesaw.edu/academic-calendars/index.php

12. Who is my advisor?

Stacy Schutte (sschutt2@kennesaw.edu), Admissions and Advising Coordinator, and Meghan Roessler (mweber16@kennesaw.edu), Assistant Director, serve as your advising team. Please feel free to email either member for assistance or to set up an appointment – phone, Microsoft Teams or in person.

13. Who can I talk to about financial aid?

You may contact the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid.