Student Mentees

Program Specifics

Student Mentees will be expected to be available to interact with their Professional Mentor on a regular basis. Both the Professional Mentor and their Mentee are expected to reach out on a regular basis and to respond to such attempts. The Professional Mentor and their Mentee are expected to directly interact (either physically or virtually) at least once a month with a face-to-face meeting occurring at least once a semester. The mode and frequency of interactions will be determined in part by the busy schedules that most Professional Mentors and Mentees possess, but this should be a priority item. 

Interactions initiated by Mentees can include:

  • Inviting the Professional Mentor to on-campus events of a professional nature (e.g., club meetings, to speak to one’s class) or a social nature (e.g., sports events).
  • Requesting input feedback on one’s academic and professional plans.
  • Scheduling a day to shadow a typical workday of the Professional Mentor.
  • Seeking opportunities to network with the Professional Mentor’s contacts.
  • Reviewing a study plan.
  • Developing a career search strategy.

Face-to-face meetings can take place anywhere that is convenient to the Professional Mentor and the Mentee. Often times, meeting over lunch at a location on or close to campus or at the Professional Mentor’s place of business can be good places to learn about each other’s backgrounds and career paths.


The following criteria must be met to be accepted into the Department of Marketing and Sales’ Professional Mentoring Program;

  • Be admitted into the Coles College as a marketing major.
  • Be at least 12 months from graduating (9 months for the initial cohort).
  • Attended an information session on the program.
  • Be willing to meet with a Professional Mentor and commit time to the mentoring process.


  1. Attend an information session and become acquainted with the requirements of a mentoring relationship.
  2. Apply via the online application form.
  3. When the application is evaluated, an email will be sent.
  4. Once accepted into the program, the matching process may take 1-10 weeks (estimate).
  5. Once a match is made, the Mentee will receive an email.
  6. Further information is included in the Mentee Guide.


The Chair of the Department of Marketing and Professional Sales at