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European Hospitality Business Experience in Italy, Switzerland, Germany, and France

European Hospitality Business Experience in Italy,, Switzerland, Germany, and FranceMay 16 - May 30, 2023

This course explores hospitality business and related operations in European countries including hotels, resorts, restaurants, convention centers and other venues, cultural sites, and stakeholders in the hospitality service supply chain including wineries and breweries. The focus of the course is a comparative analysis of this industry including economic impact, organizational and business structure, market segmentation, human resource demands and challenges, customer experience management, entrepreneurial, investment and sustainable practices. Students will attend a global conference and visit a variety of hospitality businesses, interacting with hospitality business leaders, entrepreneurs, and operational management teams to discuss strategic operational details of the business. The comparative analysis will involve difference and similarities between the hospitality industry in European countries visited and the United States.

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Experiential Entrepreneurship Abroad: Italy

Experiential Entrepreneurship Abroad: ItalyMay 26 - July 1, 2023

This 5-week, experiential program will immerse students in entrepreneurship in Italy! During this program, students will complete the Entrepreneurship Certificate, with a focus on international entrepreneurship. The program consists of 6-credit hours total. To complete the Entrepreneurship certificate, students will enroll in New Venture Creation (ENTR 4002 for 3 credits) and Entrepreneurial Experience (ENTR 4005 for 3 credits). The main deliverable from ENTR 4002 will be developing a business idea for a new venture involving Italy and/or an international focus and presenting these ideas at a student-hosted entrepreneurship symposium at KSU Italy with invited guests. The main deliverable from ENTR 4005 will be a written reflection on the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Italy based on interactions with individuals involved, and how it compares to that in the United States. As a prerequisite requirement, students must have completed Entrepreneurial Thinking (ENTR 3001) to enroll in this international program. ENTR 3001 will be offered during Maymester prior to the course for students who need to complete this requirement. 

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