Welcome to the School of Management, Entrepreneurship and Hospitality in the Coles College of Business! 

Management, Entrepreneurship and Hospitality graduates have the knowledge and skills necessary to solve problems in any organization. Our students can design, implement, and monitor modern work environments to achieve both customer needs and business success. Here, organizations can find their future leaders.

Building our Students

We prepare our students to enter the highly competitive global market with confidence, and develop future leaders who can successfully manage small, medium, and large organizations anywhere in the world. We are known for high quality, contemporary, and applied courses in organizational behavior, human resources, supply chain management, family business, entrepreneurship and general management.

Applying our Management Research

In addition to teaching, our faculty pursues research that can be applied to the challenges organizations face every day and impact how business functions:

  • Maximizing employee performance
  • Developing employee potential
  • Improving business processes
  • Addressing the unique challenges of family businesses
  • Navigating mergers and acquisitions

Strengthening Business

Not only do our graduates go to work to strengthen and advance businesses, but Coles College of Business has developed a number of programs and centers of excellence that strengthen businesses locally and around the world. Those most connected to the work of the Michael A. Leven School of Management, Entrepreneurship and Hospitality include:


  • James Wermer

    The Parent of all Business Skills

    “The discipline of Management is the integration of a set of knowledge and abilities which allow one to control the effectiveness and efficiency of an enterprise. As such, Management is the parent of all business skills.”

    - Professor James Wermert