Adding Professional Engagement Components to ISS and ISA Courses


Our goal is to gain student involvement in campus activities that will directly enhance their future careers as well as enable them to become accustomed to networking activities common in the business world. The use of networking in information gathering and job searches is a critical skill throughout the work life of all professionals. 

Our goal is to incorporate student involvement and have it assessed as at least 5% of their total grade for each BBA Degree core course. Students will be allowed to use each event as an element for assessment. Events may be used in multiple classes so there can be a multiplier effect for attending each event if they are taking multiple IS or ISA classes. 


The Department will identify and publish an estimated 25 or more events during the each 16-week semester that will allow students the opportunities to grow their professional and engagement skills. Summer courses will leverage online resources as noted following. These involve various Community, University, College, and Department events including but not limited to: 

  • Student organizations: AIS, WIT, ISSA, OffSec, and invited speakers series meetings as well as ACM meetings; 
  • College: All Access, the Tetley speaker series and the Delta Sigma Pi organization
  • University Career Services major career fair 
  • Community: ISSA, AIS, ISACA, ACM conferences and workshops

Activities can be classified into two broad types:  

  1. Synchronous events where the student is present at a group activity either in person of via a supported remote engagement platform such as Blackboard Collaborate. Records of engagement must be maintained.
  2. Asynchronous events where recorded content is made available and students provide a written paragraph about the content of the event and what was learned at it. This must be submitted to the course for assessment. We encourage the use of Blackboard Collaborate when appropriate.

In addition, faculty are encouraged to allow for and promote any student activity so long as it is useful for professional engagement in your opinion and preapproved by you for your courses. 

The Department will maintain and distribute a roster of events know to the Department: 

  • A Web page will be maintained for all sanctioned events.
  • Recording attendance at these events will be coordinated across the Department and distributed to all faculty.
  • Faculty are encouraged to share events that they coordinate as they deem appropriate.

The following is offered as an example of the professional engagement element in a course syllabus:

Professional Engagement (5% of course assessment):

In order to promote professional engagement by students enrolled in IS and ISA courses, you will be expected to participate in a number of activities that will improve your ability to interact with peers and network with the professional community. The activities are to be chosen by the student from the list published via OwlLife which are identified as IS Engagement events (#ISENG). More information and options are available at this link:

In order to get full credit for this element of the course, choose any 5 of the events listed at the Web page preceding. At that Web page, each event will include instructions on how to document your completion of the event. Some events require attendance that is documented with a sign-in sheet. Be sure to bring a photo ID to those events as one will be required to sign in. Other events, especially those that are delivered online, will likely require the completion of a brief summary report to be submitted in class or online via D2L.