Advisory Board and External stakeholder organizations

The IAC Advisory Board is comprised of stakeholders from the internal audit functions at major corporations in Georgia, in addition to leaders from professional service firms offering advisory services. Many of these members are Chief Audit Executives (CAEs) of major corporations or leading internal audit service providers of their respective organizations. Their individual and collective wisdom and guidance is extremely valuable and most appreciated as the KSU Internal Audit Center evolves.

Advisory Firm and Corporate Stakeholders engaged with the center:

Advisory Firm and Corporate Stakeholders

Advisory Board including eight advisory firms leaders and eight corporate audit leaders:

Michael Lisenby, Rausch Advisory (Vice Chair)

Shalim Matos, Serta Simmons Bedding (Vice Chair)

Steve Brown, Booz Allen Hamilton (Past Chair)

Lori Kaczynski, Graphic Packaging

Aaron Gagnon, McKinsey

Barry Ballow, The Coca-Cola Company

Brandi Thomas, General Electric

Carley Ferguson, Mohawk Industries

Carl Schulman, UPS

Greg Kirkland, Mueller WP

Paul McClung, WestRock

Robert Newsome, Southern Company

Brad Knight, BDO

Doug Mims, CRI

Brittany Long, Deloitte

Steve Jackson, EY

Jason Sammons, Frazier & Deeter

Nataly Marks, KPMG

Billy Boyd, Moore Colson

David Brand, Protivity

Faculty involved in teaching undergraduate and graduate Internal Audit related courses (3300, 4150, 4152, 4550, 4800, 8101A, 8210CG,8640, 8610, 8620):

John Abernathy, Ph.D
Associate Professor of Accounting
Stephanie Miller, MAcc
Senior Lecturer of Accounting
Marcus Caylor, Ph.D
Professor of Accounting
Sunay Mutlu, Ph.D., CIA
Associate Professor of Accounting
Ken Harmon, D.B.A.
Professor of Accounting
Hyung Shin Park
Assistant Professor of Accounting
Dana Hermanson, Ph.D.
Professor of Accounting
Brad Schafer, Ph.D., CIA
Associate Professor of Accounting
Fred Masci, MBA, CIA
Part-Time Instructor of Accounting
Vineeta Sharma, Ph.D
Professor of Accounting
James McComb
Senior Lecturer of Accounting



Brad A. Schafer, Ph.D., CIA was named the Director of the KSU Internal Audit Center in 2017. Dr. Schafer has over fifteen years of experience teaching[BS1]  accounting information systems and auditing. In addition to his role in the classroom, he has mentored and connected many students to the accounting and auditing profession. He has served as faculty advisor to four chapters of Beta Alpha Psi in Georgia (UGA, UNG, GSU, KSU). He has served two terms on the board of the AIS Educators Association and served on the[BS2]  board for the Educational Foundation of the GSCPAs. His scholarship has won several awards, and he loves to talk about the psychology of decision making and current professional issues, but he more often enjoys talking about connecting students to employers.  “The KSU Internal Audit Center has built a rich history in a relatively short period of time (pun intended as we owe much to Rich Clune). I am excited to be a part of a growing KSU, and a growing profession. Our IAC advisory board, the IIA Atlanta Chapter, and the global IIA have proven to me that the future is bright for the students who take their KSU knowledge to the internal audit profession. One of the most exciting parts of internal audit is the variety it offers its’ professionals. This variety makes the “advisor role” as director of the IAC much more important, and I cherish this role. Not only are we proud to be connected to many Fortune 500 companies and professional service firms in Georgia, we are proud to be connected to the highest quality professionals in these firms. I appreciate all of the support the IIA, the students, and the professionals do to make this center a true “Center of Excellence” in the IAEP program.”

Founding Internal Audit Center Director

Dr. Richard Clune, founded the Internal Audit Center (IAC). Before coming to KSU in 2002, Rich served as PwC’s national partner in charge of internal audit services to the insurance industry. Under Rich’s guidance, curriculum was adopted to incorporate internal audit courses at the undergraduate and graduate level, as well as, specific systems courses and data analytics to better equip our students for successful entry to the profession. With Rich’s leadership and relationship with the IIA Atlanta Chapter, he built much of the curriculum and recurring activities of the IAC.