Serving Students, Leading the Profession

The Internal Audit Center leads the Internal Auditing Education Partnership (IAEP) program of the Institute of Internal Auditors. Our program is the only one of it’s kind in the State of Georgia that is recognized at the IIA's Center for Internal Audit Excellence level. We also serve as a thought leader in groundbreaking applied research conducted by our faculty.

Connecting Students with the Profession

Our close ties with the IIA Atlanta Chapter open up internships, co-op jobs, and first career moves for our students. Georgia companies can find well-prepared graduates locally, and our auditing students have a clearer understanding of their career paths.

Connecting the Profession to Growth and Research

Our Internal Audit Center faculty actively engages with the profession and publishes in leading academic journals. Many pursue research supported by the IIA, and present their findings at academic conferences and professional events. Through the support of the IIA nationally and locally, the Coles College of Business Master of Accounting includes an internal audit curriculum that conforms with IIA’s global standards.

Benefitting the Region, State, and World

Bill Mulcahy, CIA, CPA, spoke to the historical ties between IIA and the Coles College of Business, noting how the enthusiasm of the Internal Audit Center, as well as the KSU curriculum built on global-standards, has linked Atlanta and the world: “Their efforts helped us be selected to host the IIA International Conference in 2010, which had a $3 million economic impact for the State.”

  • IAEP Chapter President Speaks about the Internal Audit Center at Coles

    “We are proud to continue our association with KSU as it develops programs that helps students prepare for the internal audit profession which in turn helps in our State’s economic development, providing companies and organizations the ability to recruit internal audit talent right here in Georgia. The Chapter was able to do this because KSU demonstrates continued commitment to the Atlanta Chapter, the internal audit profession, and the IAEP as evidenced by the implementation of a curriculum in its Master of Accounting program that reflects many of the elements of the IIA Global Recommended Curriculum”

    - John Fuchko III, CIA, CRMA, Chapter President, speaking after awarding a second grant of $50,000 from the IIA Atlanta Chapter to the Internal Audit Center at Coles College of Business.