The Forum

The Roman Forum was once a gathering place of great social significance and the site of lively discussions and intense debates. For enterprising families, coming together to reflect, learn, and apply new perspectives can make a world of difference in terms of success and well being. In light of this, the Cox Family Enterprise Center (CFEC) has brought the ancient tradition back to life in our New Forum Series.

At the Forum, curiosity, transformation and introspection reign. Each session weaves content delivery and relevant “knowledge-in-action” into a live case study with a family enterprise leader. These diverse learning techniques allow you to contemplate new ways of thinking and then put them into immediate action – all within the space of a morning.

A place of community and shared learning, The Forum facilitates self-reflection, connection to case studies and content, and informed decision making.

Check the Fall 2018 Schedule for Upcoming Forums.

The Continuity Lens

Prevailing thought would have us consider many family business challenges as solvable through solutions. Think, for example, of “succession planning.” By its very name, succession planning suggests that transitioning a family business from one generation to the next is straightforward and technical. It positions it as a task that can be considered complete when a business family transitions from A to B. In contrast, the Continuity perspective allows you to reconsider succession as a process. The succession process through the Continuity lens evolves over time, through generations, and requires clarification of family and business values and goals. The Continuity lens allows families to go deeper and broader, elevating their perspectives so that they may create resilient, clear, and focused plans for the future of their business and family.

So often, focusing on technical strategies overshadows the continuum of family and business factors that inflect decision making for enterprising families. In these Forums, we explore the new pathways that open up when we shift to a family enterprise, Continuity perspective from a singular focus on succession planning for a family’s business. In doing so, we will relate challenges within the family business to the wider family ecosystem as a way to create clarity around the needs of family stakeholders.

Taking on a Continuity lens will not only transform the questions you ask of yourself, your family, and your business, but will also radically shift the answers you give in response. 

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