Professional Advisors

Where you invest your time tells your clients who you are and what you care about. Working with the Cox Family Enterprise Center (CFEC) says that you care about business families.

Investing in education is a strategic move for a sustainable career in the field. From our in-depth advisor program, Advising for Continuity, to custom education and case support, involvement with the CFEC is a powerful signal to the community.

  • Advising for Continuity: Distinguish yourself as a leader while learning about the crucial elements that drive family business decisions. From Family Dynamics to the systems that inform business family perspectives, the program will equip you to ask better questions and give better advice. For the experts, from the experts. Learn more.
  • Custom Education: Family businesses are different than their non-family counterparts. They often make decisions based on unconventional considerations while combining their family relationships with the complexity of running businesses. They need advisors that understand their unique contexts. With Custom Education, the CFEC can guide you and your firm into a new kind of leadership in the family enterprise world. Contact us to start planning your program.
  • Case Consult: No matter your area or level of advisory expertise, you can never anticipate all of the complex situations family enterprise clients may throw at you. When you need guidance, the CFEC is here to help. With the most respected family enterprise advisors in the field, we can offer you high-level, confidential case coaching so that you and your clients achieve maximum success. Contact us and get the support you need.

Add to your value, make connections and differentiate yourself. Contact us today.