Non-Family Executives

Non-family executives and stakeholders working in family enterprises

As a non-family executive in a family enterprise, a lot is required of you. Typical professional and leadership mastery can prove insufficient when family relationships intertwine with business decisions. Standard, commercially-focused solutions offer you little when you are simultaneously balancing your insider position in a family-run organization and your professional role.

At the Cox Family Enterprise Center (CFEC), we get it. What’s more, we can help. Our programs and services will expand your perspectives and provide tools and strategies that you can use to improve your effectiveness and support family business success. 

  • Advice, Profession, Practice, Impact (APPI): Distinguish yourself as a leader while learning about the crucial elements that drive family business decisions. From Family Dynamics to the systems that inform business family perspectives, the program will equip you to ask better questions and make better decisions. Learn more.

  • Executive Coaching: Whether you’re overwhelmed by acute challenges in the owning family or simply looking to increase your day-to-day effectiveness, Executive Coaching can help. With a team of leading advisors and educators in the family enterprise field, the CFEC is equipped with the resources to help increase your value and deepen your understanding.

  • Meet the Family: In a context where personal relationships are brought into business decisions nearly everyday, your ability to create, maintain and enrich your relationships with the ownership family are central to your success. The CFEC facilitates meetings between ownership families and their key non-family executives, as a strategy of improving connections and deepening mutual understanding. Contact us and set it up today.