Mini MBA for Family Enterprise’s Next-Generation Leaders

Become an Effective Leader in the Areas That Matter Most to Your Family Business

The Mini MBA program from the Coles College of Business and the Family Enterprise Center is an innovative, experiential certificate program designed to help family enterprises flourish by equipping next-generation leaders with the tools they need to lead their business and family into the future.

Mini MBA Testimonials

A Leadership Development  Program as Unique as Your Family Business

As anyone involved in a family enterprise can attest, working with family brings its own unique challenges. Interpersonal dynamics such as poor communication, difficulty understanding each other, trouble managing conflict, and unproductive behaviors can limit the success of family businesses.  However, if the business can learn to capitalize on their unique qualities, the results can be extraordinary.

The FEC is a resource hub for the family enterprise community which includes: family members, non-family business executives, external advisors, and students. We emphasize that family businesses should not be run like their non-family owned counterparts. We have developed an education program that is specifically geared toward next-generation family enterprise leaders and the unique challenges and opportunities they face.  

The Mini MBA program will guide and coach next-generation leaders and their family enterprises to continually grow, advance and prosper 

    • Upon completion, participants will receive a KSU executive certificate in Family Business Leadership
    • Digital badges are the new credential for validating knowledge and know-how among business leaders.  Earn a new “Next Generation Family Business Leadership” micro-credential for today’s LinkedIn world.  It can be displayed in the “certifications” section of your LinkedIn profile and shared among your stakeholders.


next gen leadership badge

  • After working with countless next-generation family enterprise leaders, conducting research on what creates successful leaders, and analyzing the roadblocks that prevent individuals from reaching their potential, we found that there are key components needed to ensure smooth transitions: knowledge/skills, effective planning and the implementation of decisions.  Additionally, trust must exist among all key stakeholders of a family enterprise.

    These stakeholders include:

    • Parents
    • Siblings
    • Cousins
    • Senior non-family executives
    • Non-family employees
    • Board members
    • Bankers
    • Critical advisors
    • Clients and customers
    • Suppliers and vendors

    All of these stakeholders have diverse sets of characteristics, needs, and expectations for the enterprise’s next-generation leaders. And yet, they also all share one common trait: They seek leaders with the competencies, character, and behaviors that will enable them to steward both the family and the enterprise for a long, successful leadership tenure.

  • The Mini MBA’s specialized curriculum is designed to help next-generation family enterprise leaders achieve their current and future responsibilities. By using the critical knowledge, skills and expertise developed during this program, these emerging leaders will learn how to gain the trust of all key stakeholders within the family enterprise. The Mini MBA program will teach and coach these leaders how to successfully engage in one-on-one critical conversations as well as lead teams of stakeholders for long-term success. Along the way, program participants will also cultivate a powerful network of peers for ongoing support.

  • Next-generation members of family enterprises who are:

    • Involved in management and/or ownership, or will be in the future
    • Committed to self-development
    • Focused on the growth of their family and business
    • Wanting to build their network of influential peers

    The Mini MBA brings Next Gen Leaders from different organizations and industries together in a vibrant learning community.  It is designed to create valuable peer interaction and a rich exchange with family and business experts.

  • Monthly Virtual Sessions are held the following times on the dates shown:

    Thursdays – 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm
    Fridays – 8:00 am to 1:00 pm

    • Session
    • 1
      8/10/23 - 8/11/23
      Introduction and Governance
    • 2
      9/1/23 - 9/8/23
      Financial Management I
    • 3
      9/14/23 - 9/15/23 
      Financial Management II
    • 4
      10/5/23 - 10/6/23 
      Ownership Strategies
    • 5
      11/2/23 - 11/3/23 
      Succession Planning
      No December Course
    • 7
      1/11/24 - 1/12/24 
      Conflict Management
    • 8
      2/8/24 - 2/9/24 
      Innovation and Audit Practices
    • 9
      3/14/24 - 3/15/24 
      Communication and E.I. Skills
    • 10
      4/4/24 - 4/5/24 
      Estate Planning/Real Estate Foundations