Kennesaw State University (KSU) Students

Do you want to have a career in business? If so, chances are high that you will eventually work in a family enterprise. As owners and operators of 80-90% of all business in America, entrepreneurial families are engines of economic activity. They employ close to 60% of the American workforce and create more than 50% of our GDP.

If you come from an enterprising family or are looking to one-day start a family business, the need for specialized family enterprise education is clear. But with 35% of Fortune 500 companies and 60% of public companies owned by enterprising families, it is likely that even those with no direct intentions will one-day work within a family organization.

The bottom line? You can’t afford not to learn about family businesses.

The Family Enterprise Center (FEC) offers both undergraduate and graduate courses in family business management and undergraduate classes in family business consulting.

Find them here:

  • Fall Semester: MGT 4123 Family Business Management
  • Spring Semester MGT 7560 Family Business Management for MBA

FEC Affiliated Faculty from the Coles College of Business

Mark Hiatt

Robert Randolph

If you are a member of the family business community and would like to make a presentation to students, we would love to hear from you. Contact us to start the conversation.