Honor for Professional Advisors


Not everybody can be famous. But everybody can be great, because greatness is determined by service. 

Martin Luther King, Jr.

This new category of Honoration represents one of the biggest refinements for this year’s program. Family business owners do not make decisions in isolation. They benefit from the support of advisors and their professional advice, which is a mainstay of enterprising families. It is undeniable that not all advisors are created equal.

We want to celebrate those who, independently from their discipline, are deeply motivated to see the family business community thriving, and are therefore investing time and resources, which enhance the family business ecosystem.

We are looking for champions who have shown dedication, effort, and contributions made to activities aimed at growing family business overall wellbeing; for leaders whose work in the field has resulted in major and outstanding advances or new directions in the family enterprise advising field.

For family enterprise focused advisors to be considered for the awards, top-line requirements must be met regardless of the discipline and/or area of expertise:

  • Financial advisors, lawyers, accountants, insurance broker, family office executives, consultants, mentors, psychologists. ​
  • The business must have a recognizable presence in Georgia​
  • Work with at least 50% family business clients​

Advancing the Field

  • Shown leadership and service in field (Committees, workgroups, advocacy, senior positions, mentoring, etc) ​
  • A wide breadth of work with family enterprises​
  • Inventive and innovative value/contributions (E.g. in research publications, articles, etc.)​
  • Originality of contribution​
  • Interest in advancing the field before their practice​
  • Pioneered the work ​
  • Built excellence and promoted the field either in theory or practice