CFEC Family Business Clinic™

The Family Business Clinic™

The Family Business Clinic™ is a unique and effective resource tailored to the particular concerns of enterprising families. Designed to work alongside the educational opportunities that the Cox Family Enterprise Center offers, the Clinic is a chance for families to receive personalized guidance and support from leading experts in family business, strategy, entrepreneurship, conflict management, psychology, family systems education and much more. For those preparing for major transitions, in the midst of high-stakes disagreement, or even just planning for the future, The Family Business Clinic™ can help.

The Clinic is our direct response to the expressed needs of enterprising families. We know from decades of working with and for business families that the marriage of business and family is immensely rewarding, even as it is fraught with challenges. We also know that, in this context, conflict may be a normal component of decision-making and change.

With our intimate knowledge of the intricate challenges and particular subtleties that you must address in your family enterprise and in yourself, we have worked to create a format that works for both your family and business interests.