Enterprising Families

Members of a family business and/or enterprising families

Our goal is simple: support business and family success, every way we can.

The Cox Family Enterprise Center is a hub of enrichment for the Family Enterprise community. Through programs, services and events we work to draw out your best self so that your business and family thrive. You, the family enterprise community, are the owners of this space. We are here to support you.

We understand your needs and we have designed a network of offerings to help you address them.

  • Build and/or reinforce strong family relationships to ensure long-term business and family success. [Family Business Clinic™]
  • Seek out professional advisors with deep insight of business family systems. [Advising for Continuity]
  • Create a team of non-family managers that are equipped with the insight and practical skills to adeptly navigate your organization. [Advising for Continuity]
  • Network, celebrate and engage with your family business community. [Celebration Events]
  • Develop and receive specialized programming designed with input from you, your family, your business, and/or your local business community. [Customized Programs]

The CFEC brings you new knowledge while connecting you with your peers and specialized resources so you can deepen your perspective and create new awareness. Our focus on relationships strengthens your leadership capacitates and helps you define and achieve your aspirations for the future.

Our efforts are dedicated to helping you grow, evolve and clarify your needs. We’re here to serve you.

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