Custom Education

Customized learning opportunities are a focal point at the Cox Family Enterprise Center (CFEC). Our goal is to empower you understand precisely what it is that you need from training and education, how you want it delivered, and where you are most comfortable learning. Our methods focus on giving you ready-to-use tactics applicable in diverse industries and to broad interests.

We offer both Tailored Learning and Guided Learning. Tailored Learning allows you to work with us to have a program completely designed to your specifications with our expert input. Guided Learning is geared to families who want their custom education to fit their needs using a flexible framework of popular topics.

  • Have you identified a need but struggle with how to address it? Are your educational requirements so specific that they require tailored attention? The Cox Family Enterprise Center (CFEC) offers Tailored Learning precisely for those who need personalized, uniquely crafted, and hands-on educational support. We will guide you through the process as you prioritize your needs and help to craft a format that works for you.

    Whether you’re a family with specific requirements for support or a corporate entity looking for industry specific training in family enterprising advising, our expert educators can help. Contact the Center and start the conversation today.

  • As part of our efforts to make transformative education opportunities and growth in your family business more accessible, we developed our Guided Learning program. One of our most mobile learning opportunities, Guided Learning can be delivered throughout the Southeast. Whether you are in Savannah, Augusta, Gainesville, Columbus, Chattanooga/Dalton, or elsewhere, we still consider you a part of our community.

    By choosing from a menu of one-day course options, you can make the decisions about what your family enterprise community needs support with. Our experts will offer guidance and perspective on how to weave your selections together to amplify broad practicality. What’s more, the Cox Family Enterprise Center (CFEC) will bring the sessions to you, wherever you are.

    In each course, world-renowned educators and consultants introduce critical tools and strategies to help you navigate your most pressing concerns. In a setting of family members and other key stakeholders in family businesses, the cross-industry examples, case studies, and discussions are all tailored specifically to your high-level knowledge.

    Review our Developed Courses or contact us to set up your Guided Learning series.

    • Guided Learning: Developed Courses

      You can pick any modules from the list below. The program may consist of just a couple of courses, or our entire course offering. To ensure that all participants are on the same page, we do require that your Guided Learning Series begins with the Family Enterprise Essentials Module.

      Required Module:

      • Family Enterprise Essentials

      Choose Your Modules (as many or as few as you like):

      • Communication
      • Negotiation
      • Emotional Intelligence
      • Family Meetings
      • Family Dynamics
      • Conflict Management
      • Strategy
      • Adult Children
      • Estate Planning
      • Family Constitution

      Start planning your Guided Learning today by contacting the Cox Family Enterprise Center.