Innovation and Leadership Magic!



Course Description

What happens when you combine an experienced Disney Operations Executive with a seasoned Disney Innovation Catalyst? You get an amazing virtual workshop that dives deep into the principles of creativity and leadership that have made Disney the powerhouse entertainment company it is today. Join these two former Disney gurus as they expound on some of the many tools, mindsets, behaviors, and strategies used during their tenure and find out how you can apply these same principles within your company. This masterclass style session teaches skills that will help foster better business acumen within your teams by showcasing better ways to cultivate relationships, encourage collaboration, and create bigger and better ideas. Let’s make magic!

Skills the Audience Will Gain from Attending This Course

  • Structures, Tools, Tips, Tricks and Behaviors to help inspire new work habits for both Leadership and Creativity
  • Ways to identify blind spots, weaknesses and barriers to creativity and leadership, then turn them around to be enablers
  • Simple methods for how to BE BETTER and GET BETTER at leadership and creativity in your personal and professional lives

What You Will Learn

Those attending learn valuable skills, tools, and strategies in four key sections, including:

  • EQ-Emotional Quotient - this section focuses mostly on the ‘self’, the things needed in everyday life to ensure participants are ready, willing, and able to be the best version of themselves they can be. Best individual, best collaborator, best leader
  • CQ-Creativity Quotient - this section focuses on mindsets and behaviors that help participants make creativity a habit in their work and personal lives and not an ‘epiphany’
  • AQ-Business Acumen Quotient - this section focuses on mindset, tools and behaviors that encourage participants to increase their business acumen by amplifying their strengths and the strengths of their teams, working together as a whole
  • InQ-Innovation Quotient - this section is about taking the first three sections - using tools, behaviors, and mindsets - to evoke culture change, drive results, foster leadership, encourage change and INNOVATE your business!

Why is this Course Unique?

This course is unique as it is the first time both subjects of Leadership and Creativity have been taught by seasoned practitioners of the Walt Disney Company. This course showcases the importance of each subject and how they both complement each other, and lead to better business success using the tools and strategies Lee and Dan will cover.

Who Should Attend? 

Anyone in the business environment that wants to up their leadership and creativity skills, business acumen and drive meaningful and innovative change within their organization

What Is Included? 

Those participating in the Innovation and Leadership Magic live-virtual workshop will receive a digital copy of Dan Cockerell’s book “How’s the Culture in Your Kingdom?” as well as a quick guide to the design thinking process used in the course. 


Skills You Will Gain

  • Innovation Execution
  • Leadership
  • Creativity
  • Design Thinking

Course Leaders

Dan Cockerell, Former VP of Operations, Walt Disney World.
Dan Cockerell started his Disney career as a participant of the Walt Disney World college program, and worked his way up to Vice President, Magic Kingdom, leading a team of 12,000 cast members, who entertain millions of guests every year. Dan puts great value on spending time in the operation and frequently assisted cast members and interacted with guests in the park. He believes that building relationships is critical for leadership success, and his approachability in the workplace is a testament to his people-first philosophy. Dan has a passion for developing people through coaching, inspirational and insightful keynotes. Dan has just authored his high anticipated book  “How’s the Culture in Your Kingdom”. 

Lee Kitchen, Former Innovation Catalyst for Disney Parks, Experiences & Products.
Lee is a 5-star Innovation Catalyst, Keynote Speaker, Workshop Leader, Culture Change Agent, Design Thinking Trainer, and overall MAGICAL DUDE! Lee brings a wealth of experience as a Certified Master Facilitator and long-term innovation agent During his 32 years at The Walt Disney Company, he helped create some of their most impactful marketing campaigns, memorable guest experiences and operational efficiencies Now he offers his magic and wisdom in a mix of virtual and in person training, interactive workshops, facilitated idea sessions and inspiring keynotes around the world!

Date: April 28, 2021
Price: $1250

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