Creative Problem Solving Foundations

Identified as a Top 5 “in demand” job skill, Creative Problem Solving is a four-step process successful leaders and teams use to find solutions to difficult challenges. Many professionals lack training in the Creative Problem Solving process. In this hands-on workshop. You will experience the Creative Problem Solving (CPS) process and tools based on over 60-years of research by the Creative Education Foundation and major universities. Arm yourself with the skills and knowledge to “get one foot out of the box” to create breakthrough ideas that add value and drive revenue.

Gain knowledge in this highly interactive workshop to:

  • Develop a CPS mindset to solve complex problems
  • Identify the real problem then generate hundreds of ideas to solve it
  • Develop value-driven solutions
  • Understand and engage your team’s creative potential to generate great ideas, improve communication, and reduce conflict, and
  • Finally answer the question “how do I sell my ideas?”

How does CPS add value to your organization?

  • Generate new ideas on demand
  • Boost your organization’s innovation power
  • Identify and solve the real problem from different perspectives
  • Manage client expectations
  • Get on the fast track and run smarter

The workshop includes the FourSight® Profile and interpretive guide, a research-based psychometric tool that diagnoses your natural approach to problem solving. This online assessment maps how individuals and teams gravitate towards the different parts of the CPS process when approaching complex challenges with different mindsets.

Program facilitators have over 75 years of combined experience teaching and coaching thousands of students from more than 50 corporate clients, 18 universities, and multiple state and local government agencies. They believe that everyone has creative potential, and instead of asking “how creative are you?” they ask, “how are you creative?” Once you spend time with them, you will never see the way you approach problem solving the same way again.

Program Fee:

The cost is $985 per person with special pricing for companies sending a team, non-profit organizations and KSU alumni. Continental Breakfast and Lunch are included.

For more information, call Brenda Luther at 470-578-3414 / or Jen Renshaw at 470-578-6050 /