Coaching for Managers and Leaders

With the unprecedented shift of generations in the workforce, as well as expectations of both workers and their employers, coaching has become a truly strategic skill set needed to support employee development and management succession strategies. The Coles College Certified Managerial Coach Certificate Program will help you address these challenges and develop a more engaged workforce.

Managing for Success

Our distinctive programs are designed to enhance your leadership skill set through the following:

  • Education – combined with experience – in the specific competencies required to coach.

  • Self-awareness and understanding of personal strengths and vulnerabilities as a coach.

  • Experience as a coachee.

  • Coaching skills demonstrated by the participant and evaluated by an accredited faculty using direct supervision and a written examination.


There are several different options available to enhance your coaching skills: Our Level 1 program, Introduction to Managerial Coaching focuses on acquiring the foundational skills required to be an excellent managerial coach. Level 2, Managerial Coach Mastery, is a seven-day intensive follow-on program that focuses on the application of coaching leadership within all aspects of management. Successful completion of both levels will earn you the designation of “Certified Managerial Coach” or “CMC”.

Leadership- Understanding of Managerial Coaching as a Key Element in the Practice of Leadership

Coaching- Development of Managerial Coaching Skills for Bottom Line Results

Practicum- Supervision of Managerial Coaching In and Outside the Program

Registration and Fees

Certified Managerial Coach Certificate Program: $3,900 USD
Level I: $900 USD
Level II: $3,000 USD

Special Certified Managerial Coach Certificate Program for Coles EMBA: $2,900 USD (Contact

Discounts are available for multiple attendees from the same firm.

Registration and Payment Options

Please contact Jen Renshaw to register.