EMBA Professional Development

The KSU Executive MBA Helps Take Your Career to the Next Level

Executive Coaching

The KSU Executive MBA in the Coles College of Business is one of only two global programs offering program-long executive coaching. Our executive coaching team pairs you with an executive volunteer of your choice. For the entire program, this coach provides strategic guidance on your professional development and career management. This is not just a class on coaching – it is a dynamic, long-term, one-on-one relationship fostering personal and professional growth.

Personal and Professional Development

The best leaders don't just understand business; they understand themselves and how they interact with others. Through a series of professional assessments and career management journaling, students discover their instinctive talents and how to use those abilities to become successful leaders and executives. We also ask each student to set at least one goal around a personal mission statement. This mission statement becomes the basis for your personal development plan. Throughout the 19 months of the program you’ll be guided and pushed to accomplish that goal.