Executive MBA Alumni

Today, our highly concentrated alumni network is at work in large global corporations and leading national family business firms. They launch franchises and new companies. They are the leaders behind nonprofit, academic and government institutions. While our alumni are diverse, they all came to Coles with one thing in common, the desire to achieve more both personally and professionally.

A Professional Network

Part of the value of your degree is the network you develop. Kennesaw State University's boasts 41,000 current students and 125,000 alumni offering endless opportunities to meet, get involved and network. The Coles alumni network is highly concentrated throughout the Southeast, in pockets around the globe and recently moving into the Northeast and up the Carolina coast. This concentration is a key benefit to our current students and is why our network is strong and influential in the business community.

Contact Dr. Alison Keefe, Interim Associate Dean for Graduate Programs and Associate Professor of Economics, for more information on staying connected and taking advantage of your network.

  • Joe Handy

    CEO Magazine interviews EMBA Alum Joe Handy

    The shortest distance between points is a straight line. My path was a little less linear. I started in this industry by working at the American Museum of Natural History in New York. Although I knew I wanted to help people, I wasn't yet sure how I would achieve this, so I decided to explore different areas of the Museum: education, visitors' services, exhibit security, call handling, and so on.