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Why it's never too soon to interview

It is never too soon to interview for the Coles Executive MBA. We treat the interview as a two way street where you get to learn about us and we get to learn about you. Simply contact the Executive MBA Admissions Team to set up an interview. You must submit your current resume prior to meeting, to serve as a baseline for discussion and exploration.

Allan Bishop, MBA, FACHE
Director of Recruitment and Business Development

Why is an interview necessary?

We want to make sure we are a fit for you and you are a fit for your classmates. We believe who is in the classroom is just as important as classroom instruction.

At Coles we believe that you are our partner in learning. You will learn from us, we will learn from you, and you and your classmates will learn from each other. The value of your degree is not just in the Coles brand, but in the people you interact with throughout the duration of the program. After graduation you will become a part of our extensive alumni association that you will network with for a lifetime.

What will be discussed during the interview?

We want to learn about your goals, professional experience, interests, and your desire to pursue our Executive MBA. If we discover the Coles EMBA is a match for you, we will discuss next steps. If the program does not appear to be a match we will help you explore other Coles graduate program options. The Coles Executive MBA is a life changing experience - but only if you are ready for it. We need to be certain that you will be able to benefit from the same life changing experience our alumni rave about year after year.