About Econometric Center

The Econometric Center’s signature publication is the Purchasing Managers’ Index report, which we compile for Georgia, as well as the Southeast. These reports outline the trends and activity of certain manufacturing sector variables and can be used to indicate the early warning signs of a change in the industry or broader economy.

Used widely by purchasing managers, these reports can also help companies make more informed procurement and production schedules because of the information they contain regarding local market conditions and commodity pricing. This data gathering and reporting has helped us develop important working relationships over the years with purchasing associations and purchasing managers in various states across the country.

In addition to the PMI reports, the center also focuses its efforts on other data-intensive projects using advanced statistics and computing techniques. This has led to us working in conjunction with the Georgia Industry Association, Georgia Quick Start, state accounting firms, and more.

Faculty in the Econometric Center also speak to business and professional organizations regarding economic conditions and patterns as they pertain to specific industry sectors and the business environment as a whole.