Student Entrepreneurs Launch Gig Economy Payment App (Jul 11, 2019)
Gilbert, who is a junior in the electrical engineering program, is preparing a beta test of his unique payment platform in August. He and his team have been working alongside the Robin and Doug Shore Entrepreneurship Center to develop the project, and are now pitching to investors. Read more here.

Student Entrepreneurs Plant Seeds of Sustainability (Jun 26, 2019)
A student-run business has found success transforming aluminum cans into home decor, while also enhancing sustainability education at local elementary schools. Read more here.

Student Entrepreneurs Dream Big at INC Pitch Competition (Apr 26, 2019)
From flushable wet wipes to a restaurant where patrons dine alongside live rabbits, the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of Kennesaw State University’s students was on full display at the Igniting New Companies Pitch Competition, where five teams of students competed to receive funding for their business ideas. Read more here.